Dr.Gunjarika Ranka

Clinical Psychologist & Vedic Astrologer

Dr. Gunjarika Ranka is a  Clinical Psychologist  with specialty experience providing therapeutic services to children, teens and older-adults.

Dr.Gunjarika has been trained to treat a broad spectrum of problems including  anxiety disorders (e.g., social anxiety, OCD, phobias, PTSD, panic disorder, generalized anxiety), perfectionism, parenting matters, depression, disruptive behaviors in children, and mental health concerns in adults. She is also a certified astrologer (Member of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences) with 10 years experience. 

Approach to Treatment

Dr. Gunjarika Ranka utilizes a Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MCBT) approach to treatment. As a therapist and a scholar, Dr. Ranka believes strongly in providing treatment that not only has strong research support but that is also practical, active, goal-directed, skills-based, and everlasting impact. Dr.Ranka uses astrology as a diagnostic and prognostic tool. 

Through her warm, compassionate and collaborative treatment style, she hopes to create a safe place where clients are able to make lasting, significant change in their lives. She believes in focusing on client strengths and building upon those in treatment.

She is also a blogger, owns three research-based informational blogs about child psychology-parenting (Parenting Bliss), anxiety-depression(Love you mann) and astrology-spiritualism (Promising Destiny). She provides reviews of the latest scientific findings on a number of psychiatric and neuro-developmental disorders in a style that is accessible to parents, educators, clinicians and everyone concerned .

background and education

Dr. Gunjarika Ranka holds a doctorate degree in psychology from University of Rajasthan Jaipur in 2007.  Along with two Master degrees, one in Clinical Psychology and other in Human Development & Family Studies. She worked in school-based setting and then in private setting with clients from all ages with diagnoses ranging from anxiety and depression to psychotic spectrum disorders. Her research interests include child behavior disorder and the impact of traumatic experiences across the lifespan, as well as parenting concerns.

She has earned certification in Vedic Astrology from Indian Council Of Astrological Sciences. The years long in-depth case studies helped her gaining a deep insight to understand human psyche/behavior. 

In addition to her work as a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Gunjarika Ranka has worked as an associate professor in DAV college affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh. 

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