And when you heal, you will understand why you broke...

Therapy for Women

Being a female in our society carries with it unique challenges and opportunities. It may seem as though there are implicit and explicit expectations of perfection related to who you should be, what you should be doing, and how you should be doing it!

Whether you are a career woman, wife, partner, grandmother, daughter, working mom, stay-at-home-mom (or hold several of these roles), there can be significant pressure to measure up to impossible standards. In South Orange County, these expectations can feel even greater. It is no wonder that women are twice as likely as men to experience anxiety and also have significantly higher rates of depression.

Common Struggles

• Anxiety
• Panic
• Perfectionism
• Depression
• Low Self-Worth
• Trauma
• Relationship Struggles
• Parenting Stressors

I work with women to help them learn to manage distressing emotions

In my practice, I work with women to help them learn to manage distressing emotions (fear, panic, worry, low self-worth, guilt, shame, depression, hopelessness, unworthiness) that impact their daily lives and their ability to be fully present. Stress and challenges are normal aspects of life, but depression, anxiety, and perfectionism do not have to result. I utilize Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MCBT) to help women understand the relationship between thoughts, mood, physical symptoms, and behaviors. Clients are taught skills to manage distress rather than to avoid it. We will work together to help change the ways in which you view yourself and challenge long-held beliefs and assumptions that may be interfering with your ability to accept yourself or to feel whole and worthy.

Therapy can be challenging, as is the case with most things that are of value. I strive to create a collaborative, enriching and safe environment to work through these challenges together. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about MCBT, my practice, or to consult with you on the changes you are looking to create in your life.

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