Astrology – Where The Sky Speaks to You!

Astrology – Where The Sky Speaks to You!

Planets far-far away from our planet Earth are controlling my life? How?

No matter how hard I work! No matter how good I am at my work!

Planets will decide whether I’ll be successful or not???

Planets are causing disease to me! Planets are causing disharmony in my relationships !

What! these Planets have nothing else to do ! Even how are they capable of doing something like that?

My success is depending on some lifeless celestial bodies !!

No! This is not fair (even if  you say it is somehow possible)

Very obvious questions that come in our scientifically knitted mind.

To understand the answer, first, understand the difference in “creation” and “indication”.

Whatever happened with us is destined. Everything that happens in life is because of our Past Karma and Soul Agenda. Our karma “creates” our destiny. Planetary positions at the time of birth “indicate” what destiny is bringing to you.

A child is born on that day and that hour and that minute when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. His horoscope is a portrait revealing his unalterable past and its future results.

So, planets are NOT causing miseries to you, they are INDICATING whatever is going to happen with you.

Now next question may arise, If they are just the indicators then why astrologers recommend remedies i.e. fasting, charity, gemstones etc. to appease or strengthen the planets (as they are just indicating not causing the problems).

Planets are indicator but not like the thermometer we use to check fever. If you have fever, thermometer will indicate the fever, now no matter how much appeasement you do to thermometer your problem (fever) will not go.

Planets have influence on our mind and nature (environment) unlike thermometer.

At the time of birth it is decided how much (magnitude) and what kind (quality) of influence the child will get from planets (as per his past karma). Souls have to wait untill the exact positions of planets occur.

There are 9 planets 27 Nakshatras 12 houses and many-many other factors that make every horoscope unique.

Lets take an example,

When Mars is strong in sky, a courageous child will born. A coward person will born when Mars is combust or weak (general interpretation).

So, Mars is not compelling them to be brave or coward. They will be what they are destined to be (due to their past karma and soul agenda) but their birth will happen only, when Mars will reach at the certain position. And the child born at that certain point of time will receive only that much energy of Mars as much he is destined to.

With remedies (strengthening / appeasement) this energy receiving ability can be modified (that too only up to some extent).

We take birth to learn certain lessons and this is called “Soul Agenda” means the “to do list” the soul comes with. During intermediate period of two incarnations (births), Soul knows how much work has left at earth to do. Soul chooses the kind and quality of life that helps in attaining the soul agenda. Once reincarnated, when we are no longer in “soul consciousness”, we forget what was the agenda we came with.

Horoscope is a blueprint of it. Astrology is the tool to  decode the language of planets that are indicating the hidden agenda of soul or say Purpose of Life. Intuitive wisdom is required to rightly interpret a natal chart (horoscope).  

Astrology is a language and If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.

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