Baby Delivery Muhurts : Ensuring Good Life or Karmic Interference?

Baby Delivery Muhurts : Ensuring Good Life or Karmic Interference?

There is a new trend in todays era where parents want to ensure all the auspiciousness in their child’s life. Savings and investments for children’s future are not enough, parents want to eliminate all the struggle from every part of their child’s life or at least minimize the struggle as much as possible. And then Astrologers are there who claim to tell best time for child-birth resulting in increased number of c-section deliveries over natural ones.

Yes, Astrologers are right when they say this particular time is comparatively better than the other. 

But doing so is right or wrong? Here we get two point of views.

One, that say everything is pre-destined even if you are consulting an astrologer and choosing some particular time for delivery that was also destined. You just can’t change the birth time if it is not destined to be consulted and changed.

Second, that say yes, you can change the birth time but doing so is a karmic interference to that soul and interfering in someones karma is sinful.

First, lets analyze the first point of view where every single thing is pre-destined.

If every single act (thought, word and action) is pre-destined where is the role of “Free-Will” then? If everything is pre-destined then why suicide and abortion or murder are considered as sin?

When we say, ‘everything is pre-destined’ we must understand the limitations of this word “everything”. Whatever situations we are going to face in life are pre-destined. But how we act in the face of it, is completely depend on our Sanskars and our Will Power. This is how we grow and evolve! Otherwise we will keep repeating the same mistakes if there is no Will Power to change our way of thinking that ultimately changes our actions.

Yes, birth time is pre-destined. A soul had waited (we don’t know for how long!) for some particular planetary positions to occur so that the soul can get the exact frame of life needed to fulfill the soul’s agenda.

And then we loving, caring, amazing parents!  we decide to choose a smooth, challenge-free life for our cute-pie.

See it like this, a child has successfully passed kindergarten school and now this is the time to enter in primary school with formal educational setting where he will not get that much pampering and toys and fun-filled day as he used to get in kindergarten. So his parents decide to let him stay in kindergarten. After all he will be stress free then. No home works, no class tests, no exams. Wow ! what an easy life. What will you say those parents? Is it wise to keep child stress-free at the cost of his growth and progress. No! Not at all !

Yes, we want our child to be stress-free but this is certainly not the right way for doing so. We teach him, help him understand how to cope up  with the challenges of life. We are there with him to support and one day we all want to see our children independent, capable enough, handling their matters efficiently on their own. Right?

For that we have to let them face the hardships then only they can experience, learn and succeed.

What changing time of birth can do to a soul?

Suppose you are driving to some where and your GPS is directing you the route. By default GPS will tell you the best/shortest route possible. What happens when you miss a turn?

Either GPS suggests alternative route that may be longer. 

or, GPS suggests you an alternative route which will take you to few miles long in the wrong direction so that you can get the available U-Turn and then you come back to same point and start over again in right direction.

In both of the cases, your fuel and time were wasted. No matter how smooth the road was when you were going in wrong direction. Same happens to the journey of soul. Soul may not be able to proceed with its decided agenda for which it might have waited so long. What you did comes under “Karmik Interference” considered as Sin.

Understand, our child’s life on earth is also part of some continuous progress of a soul. Upcoming new challenges our children are going to face in this life whether in professional front or in personal life are all part of their curriculum. They need to face those challenges, conflicts and issues and learn how to deal with them without losing their peace of mind. Just like one day our little kindergartener will face their high school curriculum and college competitions. We, as parents, are in role of a mentor, and a true friend. We have no right to block their learning and progress in the name of love.

Let him come the day, the moment his soul has chosen.  “Karma” that choose you as the ‘Right Mom’, as the ‘Right Dad’, has chosen the ‘Right Time’ too!

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