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Baby Delivery Muhurts : Ensuring Good Life or Karmic Interference?

There is a new trend in todays era where parents want to ensure all the auspiciousness in their child’s life. Savings and investments for children’s future are not enough, parents want to eliminate all the struggle from every part of their child’s life or at least minimize the struggle as much as possible. And then…

By Dr.Gunjarika Ranka July 1, 2017 0

Astrology – Where The Sky Speaks to You!

Planets far-far away from our planet Earth are controlling my life? How? No matter how hard I work! No matter how good I am at my work! Planets will decide whether I’ll be successful or not??? Planets are causing disease to me! Planets are causing disharmony in my relationships ! What! these Planets have nothing…

By Dr.Gunjarika Ranka June 1, 2017 0