Children & Teen Behavior Therapy

Children & Teens Behavior Modification Therapy

As parents, we want to see our children grow and thrive in life. However, for many children, doing so can be challenging. Whether your child is struggling with behavioral problems, depression, anxiety, OCD, bullying, issues with peer relationships, social skills, emotion regulation, tantruming, trauma experiences, or other disorders of childhood, there is great hope! Most kids have an enormous capacity for change.

Research is clear that early intervention can greatly diminish the impact of psychiatric problems in later life. Studies have evidenced that for children with emotional and psychological challenges, early intervention can be highly useful to improve behavior, well-being, academic achievement and attainment, occupational success, and reduce crime and delinquency rates into adulthood. Because children’s brains are so “plastic” they tend to do very well with learning new skills and changing behavioral patterns. This makes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) a natural fit for children and their developing brains.

Common Struggles

• Behavioral Problems
• Anxiety
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
• Separation Anxiety
• Depression
• Emotional Regulation
• Social Skills Deficits
• Coping Skills Deficits
• Child Trauma