Inevitable is Fate, but Destiny is my Choice, I can Create!

Inevitable is Fate, but Destiny is my Choice, I can Create!

Fate and Destiny…any difference?

Fate is inevitable but still I can create my future. How?

Look at this simple equation

Destiny = Fate + Present Actions (karma)

“Fate” means the situations that come to us without our will reluctantly. How we react to those situations is our “karma”. Karma/deeds includes our thoughts, actions and words.

Our reaction to that inevitable condition creates a new condition and that is “Destiny” !

In life whatever comes without our will is fate and how we turn it by our reaction is destiny.

Let see few examples

1. You started learning some new skill say… driving. You were almost done with your driving lessons, and one day you had a small accident because of someone else mistake. Your confidence went down… people around you… your family, friends, also threatened you like, it could be a big accident ! You can’t do that… forget it, You better leave driving. There words shaken your confidence and you decided to quit!

That day though it was a small accident it was fate! It had to happen… it happened. But your decision to quit driving created your destiny. Your lack of confidence took you away from learning that skill and then you believed “oh! that’s what my destiny was…”

It was a very small matter, whatever happened, a lesson could be learnt by that. You could learn what kind of conditions can arise while driving and how you can handle them. It doesn’t matter what people say, I know what is right and how to do that and how to be careful next time and result…? You are an expert driver today.

2. Your child did some mistake and you not only scolded him but deprived him for that skill forever. Or may be your child’s school offering activities like gymnastic and swimming, Your child  wants to join but you don’t find these activities safe and thus you threaten him not to engage  into these activities as he may get hurt and then it will be very painful and so on…” he believes you and drops the idea of joining those classes. That day he also got an impression of fear “not to engage in those activities that require special skills” and he is going to carry it all along his life. He may always hesitate of trying anything like that in future.

Here, life (fate) offered opportunities to him and generated a desire of learning but you imposed your view-point on him and created his destiny.

We can find numerous examples in our day today life where fate offers us opportunities and we, because of our prejudices reject them. Many times in life we have options and our choice of reaction to these situations writes our destiny. 

Do our reactions are also definite or we have any control over them? Up to some extent, yes the reactions are definite because they are in control of our nature. Some people are calm by nature some are arrogant by nature and nature remains with us through out our life. So, if my reactions are in control of my nature then how I am the creator of my destiny? Yes, reactions are in control of my nature but I’m NOT in control of that nature ! Our ‘nature’ means our way of thinking and pattern of behavior. How this nature forms? And how much it is in my control to change my nature? Find in next article 🙂

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