Law of Karma

Law of Karma

April 1, 2017 0 By Dr.Gunjarika Ranka

The word “karma” means “action” and according to the Law of Cause and Effect, every action gets a result. This result can be good, can be bad, can be right, can be wrong, depends how we perceive it. But something will happen in return of our karma for sure. So, what ever we do comes back to us. 

Is there any precise system regulating this? Yes!

The Law of Karma.

How Law of karma works? Let’s take a very simple example

Scene 1.

I borrow 100$ from you. After a week I met you again and you ask me for the money. I surprisingly ask you, “What money you’re talking about?”

You remind me about it and my reply is,“Okay… may be your right but when I took 100$ from you, that day I was wearing green dress and today I’m wearing yellow dress! Why are you asking me to pay that money which I took while wearing some other dress? Today I’m in a different dress and once I change my dress I forget what so ever happened the other day. So now you should also forget about that day.

Will you agree with this excuse and forget your money?

No! Right?

Scene 2.

Suppose I abuse you or I cheat you. And after some days I met you again somewhere. What kind of feeling you have for me now? Naturally, some kind of dislike or may be hatred. Now If I say, oh! come on… you’re still thinking about that day. See… today I’m wearing a white dress that day I was wearing black dress… why are you relating me with that day’s black dress wearing person? Forget it all.

Will you accept this excuse and forget everything ???

No, Not at all! Right?

You must be thinking how changing a dress is an indicator of a changed person. Whatever the dress I wear, I remain the same person. It is the relation between “you” and “me” not between “your dress” and “my dress”.

So friends here is the point. This body is just a “dress” our soul is “wearing”.

And it is between your soul and my soul not between your body and my body. When the time gap is of few days or few years we may remember the exact incident happened and the reason why we are having certain feelings for someone. Even within this life we may have some faded memories from our childhood. These memories may be related to any teacher or someone in neighbor. For example you still remember some teacher from your elementary school as she was very nice, loving and playful….or totally opposite as strict or being very mean. But do you remember ‘all the incidents’ with her that make you feel the way you are feeling now for her? Well, not exactly. Few of us may have remembrance of few incidents but not each and every incident. Though you have forgotten  “what she did to you” but what you still carrying in your heart is “how she made you feel” means the “impressions”.

Just like that when we leave this body (death) and take new birth we forget whatever incidents happened with that body but our soul carries those impressions with it! When we meet the other soul again we may not remember the incident but somewhere deep inside we can feel those impressions.

Remember! souls come in group. Those who are with us today… were with us in past lives and will be with us in upcoming lives! Although Not in same relations but our near ones will be with us. 

                                                 (Brian Weiss in “Many lives many Masters”)

Scene 3.

Many times we got some unexpected or unusual expenses. Suppose you are good at driving but on some bad day you bang your car in someone’s car because of any sudden distraction happened to you and you are still failed to understand how it happened that day. And you paid him a heavy amount !  Or someone tricked you and you loss money.

These were the people from whom someday we owed and not returned! Debt continues untill we pay it! Now, costume changed. I didn’t remember I owed from you, you too forgot. But Karma does not! And destiny will bring both of us in a situation to settle the account. 

It is not about the money every time. In relations we can see, we have good relation with someone without putting much efforts while in some relations we really work very-very hard and yet not able to make it. This is because of the past life impressions that soul is carrying. We both definitely have had some intensively bad experiences with each other or may be one of us. And that soul who was the sufferer would not be able to trust the other one now. Certainly he/she has no remembrance of whatever had happened in past life but that strong impression! That impression is still there!

What is commonly known as “reaping the karma,” means atoning in this life for the mistakes we made in previous lives. In some cases we may be placed in the opposite position from our previous life so that we can understand the anguish or distress of the other party, while in other cases we are put into a similar situation as in a previous life in order to test whether or not we will commit the same mistake. In either case, karma gives us a chance to challenge once more the spiritual training tasks that we could not accomplish successfully in our previous lives. We are expected to face our problems and strive to overcome them. In this way, not only can we make things better for the people around us but we can raise the state of our mind as well.

Prayers to God strengthens our willpower. Willpower help us to work on our soul tendencies. If you expect God will interfere in-between You and Your karma, and with his miracles all your problems will washed away… You are wrong !

You might have a bank locker. Whatever you put in your bank locker remains there and you will get it whenever you open it. Your bank manager ensures safety of your bank locker. No matter how much you praise or even worship your bank manager he is not going to change the stuff you’ve in your locker. If there is Gold… you’ll find your gold and if you’ve put stones in it you will get your stones. And the bank manager will ensure you find your stuff right there!

Now this locker is our Karmic Account and manager is God. He ensures the regulation of the system but do not change and interfere with your stuff in the bank locker.

What he can do for you? he can suggest you some good investment plans so that you can get best out of your savings. Similarly, God can tell us about good deeds and if we opt them he will ensure we get the benefits. But again the decision is our, the karma is our, whether we want to identify and work on our tendencies or not. He can give us wisdom and willpower. That’s it!

By being aware of our tendencies and making deliberate effort to make better decisions, we can change our karma and karma can change our Destiny.

Why we have certain tendencies? How they formed and how I can change them? Will continue in next article 🙂

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