Astrological Consultation

Astrological consultations are done in specializing natal chart interpretation from a psychological perspective. The Vedic Astrology Approach is used for discussing the meaning of specific time periods.


 Fees & Appointments 


1. Astrological Consultation Reports

These are custom made reports that requires five-to-seven business days for delivery, from the date you submit your personal information to book the report.

2.  Face-to-Face Meeting 
Sessions take place in my virtual office (online). 

To schedule an appointment, e-mail:

Written Reports through Email Fee: $15 or INR 1000

Face to Face Online Consultation Fee: $100 or INR 5100 for 60 Minutes 

 Unique features of Astro Reports/Consultation

  • Help you to recognize your strengths and  talents,
  • Provide insight into psychological challenges,
  • Suggests the life purpose or calling,
  • Reveal the meaning of a particular experience or phase of life,
  • Target periods of crisis and opportunity,
  • Deepen a sense of connection to the Universe and spiritual development. 

Consultation Areas at a Glance

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