Who Am I ?

Who Am I ?

February 2, 2017 0 By Dr.Gunjarika Ranka

If you are asked to introduce yourself what you’ll say?

Your answer may be,“I am a doctor… I’m an IT professional… I’m a teacher or a scientist or engineer etc  So is this  really your introduction? You didn’t born as doctor or scientist or engineer… what were your introduction before you were in your profession? Your answer may be “student”.  And before that? Now you may introduce yourself by your parent’s identity… your caste… religion but that’s all what you “got” by your birth. There are many people in this world who are orphan. So, they don’t have any identity?? But anyone who exists, has an identity.

Then how can we know the real identity?

The point is we do not imagine this “I” without thinking about “body”.

This body takes birth in a particular family, follow some religion, opt some profession and we mixup all this with our identity.  If this body is “I” then why we say my “my head is aching… my legs are hurting… my eyes… my brain… my heart… Nowhere we said, “I the head is aching”  “I the heart has blockage” etc.etc. We say, “my body” not “I body” That means “I” is ‘something other’ than the body. 

The body has its identity until it is alive. A doctor can say, “take Mr. X to the operation theater and if, Mr. X died on operation table the next instruction will be takeout the “body” from operation theater. What happen! How all of sudden Mr.X is no longer called Mr.X. Now, he is just called a “body” ! Relatives will ask “take the body for funeral. No one will say take Mr. X for funeral! So it means, that, ‘I’ has left the body!

Who this “I” was and if it lefts body then for sure, someday it also had entered in the body. After conception a mother’s womb can develop a baby or say body of a baby. And this is the time when this “I” enters in that fetus. The ‘life energy’ that ensured the heart to beat and all other organs to develop and function. Now this “energy” that keeps our body “in function” is called “SOUL”.

As stated Soul is “energy” and as we all know energy can’t be created nor can be destroyed ! It can only be “transformed”. Thus we can say energy is immortal and so is Soul ! A soul never takes birth and never it dies. It just changes the bodies and the journey goes on…

What this journey is all about? From where to where? And what in this journey “I” can decide ? And…still the very question how this “I” forms my destiny?

Find this and many more in the upcoming post, “Journey of I, the Soul”

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