Why Me?

Why Me?

January 1, 2017 1 By Dr.Gunjarika Ranka

Why I have to face so many challenges?  Why people behave with me like this?

Why my nature is this…? Why I’m the way I am..?

Whatever is happening with me is ruled by my destiny…but then,


We used to hear two views :

One is “Whatever happens is because of  my actions (past karma)”

and the other one is “Nothing can be happen without God’s Will.”

In distress we pray to God to help us out. Number of times when we face miserable situations  or some mis-happening occurs  and leave us in pain, we usually console ourselves (and others as well) by saying, “Its God’s will”. Number of times we blame God for being so cruel. 

Do you think God writes our destiny and compel us to live with in the  limits of his choice?

Okay, let’s test this theory for a minute. Suppose you get “power” to write destiny of your children. What will you write?

Let me guess!

You will write all  sort  of happiness… good health, healthy relations, success, sound financial condition means “a smooth life”. Even if one of your children is naughty or careless or irresponsible, will you write miseries for him/her? No, right?

And what if you have power to write Destiny of people other than your nears and dears. Now will you write for someone that he will loss his little child? Will you write for someone that he’ll loss his life in an accident or by some fatal disease at a very young age leaving his wife and child helpless? Will you write for someone to born and never get to know who his parents were and live his life as an orphan? and….and…and the list of miseries can go on.  The point is “we” the common human beings despite of all our conflicts, anger or hatred for anyone can’t be so cruel to write such a miserable destiny for anyone then how the kindest of the kind Almighty God at whom we look for help and justice in our hard times can be so stone hearted to write such hardships in the destinies of his children.

God or whom we say “Param Pita Paramatma” (father of all). If he is father then which father in this world would choose miseries for his children?  Then how can God write such pain in our destinies?

Well if God has not written my destiny then who did? There must be some factors or some special power who frames destiny. What is that?

And here comes “Law of Karma” !  That says- “I’m responsible for whatever happens to me”.

Do you Agree?

Your answer may be, Naa…. How Me?

Before knowing “How Me”… we need to understand who this “Me” is? Who am I?

Let’s join the journey of “Me”. From where I came ? Who the real Me is? And most important how this “Me” is deciding my destiny?

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