Hi! I’m Gunjarika – Your AstroPsychologist!

 For the past 10 years, I’ve worked as a child behavior psychotherapist in private practice using astrology as a diagnostic and prognostic tool. This website represents the accumulation of learning that’s resulted.

Along with Astrology Services I offer  Mindful Cognitive Meditation Therapy to children, teens and adults. On my Journey as a Child Behavior Modification Therapist I revealed many factors beyond the limits of psychology are influencing human mind, not just heredity  & environment. Celestial Bodies that are thousands of miles away from us are not just causing tides in oceans but driving our psyche too!

one amazing thing we have is – Mind! Mind is not an organ, Mind is Psyche – Mind is Energy & If Mind is Energy, there has to be a Source of Energy – The Powerhouse of Energy! Exploring and Connecting with the Powerhouse is all that needed… and, This is Spiritualism – The Supreme Therapy & The Ultimate Wellbeing.

You can find inner peace and fulfillment by learning to listen deeply to yourself. Just Let Go of Judgements… & Own Who You Are ! 

Why Astro-Psychology?

Life is beautiful and at the same time it brings us Challenges, Troubles, Fears, Inharmonious Relations and what not ! Sometime we feel trapped, drained and need a light of hope or at least someone who can listen without judging. A true friend !  “A friend knows how to open your heart but a psychologist knows how to stitch it back” A Psychologist is someone to whom you can tell all the doubts your mind has and she can see the knots you even don’t know you have! Your Psychologist knows how to untangle them.

Remember, whatever happen to us good or bad, everything has a purpose. A lesson to learn.  We need to understand what life is trying to teach us. Thats how Karma works. Karma has a specific plan for everyone. You have your own journey and you need your own  road map – your horoscope. It has all your strengths, weakness, tasks and most important- Your Purpose Of Life! An Astrologer can decode it for you. 

So where a Psychologist knows the hidden knots of your mind, Astro-psychologist knows the future knots you’re going to have.  Astro-Psychologist knows how to untying the present knots and how to prepare you not to get entangled in future. 

Astrological Consultation

Astrological consultations are done in specializing natal chart interpretation from a psychological perspective. The Vedic Astrology Approach is used for discussing the meaning of specific time periods. These are custom made reports that requires five-to-seven business days for delivery, from the date you submit your personal information & book the report.

Fee & Appointment

To schedule an appointment E-Mail: gunjarika.ranka@gmail.com

Detailed Life Report

Written report through Email Fee: $50 or INR 3500/-

Face to Face Online Consultation Fee: $80 or INR 5100 for 60 Minutes

Single Area Report

Written report through Email Fee: $10 or INR 500/-

Face to Face Online Consultation Fee: $15 or INR 700 for 15 Minutes

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