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Astro-Psychologist & Spiritual Counselor

Meet Your Astro-Psychologist

Hello! My name is Gunjarika.  I am an Astro-Psychologist. Along with Astrology Services I offer  Mindful Cognitive Meditation  Therapy to children, teens and adults. On my Journey as a Child Behavior Modification Therapist I revealed many factors beyond the limits of psychology are influencing human mind.
Psyche (Thoughts) drives behavior. Understanding Psyche and working on it can do Miracles.
Know what are the factors that Shades n Shapes our Thought System? No, Heredity  & Environment are not the only Answers! Celestial Bodies that are thousands of miles away from us are not just causing tides in oceans but driving our psyche too!
But we have one amazing thing– Mind! And our Mind is not an organ, Mind is Psyche – Mind is Energy. 
So, If Mind is Energy, somewhere has to be the Source of Energy – The Powerhouse of Energy! Exploring and Connecting with that Powerhouse is all that needed. And, This is Spiritualism – The Supreme Therapy & The Ultimate Wellbeing.

The Core Features

Child Psychology

Spiritual parenting is todays need. To explore a set of diverse ideas of right and wrong, happiness and self-esteem and creating a home environment that is conducive to shaping the hearts and minds of children. This is a journey of every parent from being worldly wise to being on the path of self-awakening


Everyone is Gifted, you just need to unwrap your Gift, To explore Where that gift is & How to get it? And, Your Birth Chart has all the Answers! In your customized astro reports, you can find how blessed you are in the areas of Health, Wealth, Career, love, Marriage, Children, etc.


The spiritual journey often begins from humble origins, and nobody can predict where the path will take you, who you’ll encounter, or the place you’ll end up. It is a journey to find out who you are, why your problems are, and how to come to peace with the world. Join us to explore more.

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